Build A Super Profitable Food Business With The Right Foundation, Vital Information and Without The Overwhelm 
This No-Fluff Business Course Dishes 
Everything You Need To Know
To Start A Food Business
Cooking is your passion, 
but what if it could be a source of income too?
Do you want to turn your passion for cooking into a successful business that generates income and gives you the lifestyle you desire?

Have your friends and family praised your creations and said, "This is amazing, you should sell these!"

Have you started selling your delicious delights to friends and family but are unsure how to turn your hobby into a income-generating business to support your family and earn extra cash?

Do you have the idea for a new food business but just don't know how and where to begin?
We have the solution you need to start, launch and run a 
Successful Food Business!
I Hear You...
We did not have anyone to help us out, we did everything ourselves and let me tell you there were many moments when it was extremely challenging and we nearly gave up. 

Can we sell food from home?

Do we need to notify our local council?

Which supplier will get us the best product at the best price?

How do we package our spices to keep them fresh?

How do we get customers and generate sales?

How do we brand our new business?

Sound familiar? 
We used our experience as food business owners and qualified Food Technologists so you don't have to face the same challenges we did...
✔️ Start a profitable food business that people rave about!

✔️ Advertise your food business, leverage social media, and get noticed by customers

✔️ Kick overwhelm to the curb and create systems that will allow you to sell food on autopilot?

✔️ Secure all the necessary permits to sell food you make at home

✔️ Build your food business empire so profitably that you can leave your 9-5 and focus on running a successful food business
When we started Spiced Quarter we had a vision of our product arriving at a customer's door, they open the spice packs and the most amazing aroma fills their kitchen! 

But it was not easy getting there, it took us over 6 months of preparation and research before we could start generating sales!
What's In This Course?
Planning for success
Create a 
Best-Selling Product
Bring your product
to market
Money matters
Product Launch
Laying the right foundations for your food business will save your time and money in the future. Craft a business plan and learn how to undertake market & customer research and find your niche. Learn how to protect your business and where to find support and more
We help you develop a successful food product whether you make it at home, hire a manufacturer or use a commercial kitchen. We even help you find the right suppliers and manufacturers with our industry directory
Before you start selling your delicious treats, there’s a few steps you need to take to ensure your product is ready for sale such as testing, packaging and labelling. Learn how to ensure food safety and validate claims like gluten free, organic or Australian made.
Learn how to budget, price your product and keep the cash coming in. Find out what insurance you need, how to manage your accounting, and understand taxation. Even if finances aren’t your forte, we’ll make it easy to understand
Learn how to reach your customers and choose the right methods of sale for your business. At the same time, prepare your branding and find out how you can harness the power of Google to grow your business’s online presence.
  • Instructional videos
  • 25 comprehensive step-by-step lessons teaching you the skills you need to master as a food business owner
  • 10 Templates and worksheets to guide your business journey
  • Supplier and Manufacturer directory and other vital industry contacts
This Course Also Includes
  • You will receive a certificate of completion
  • You will learn essential skills and knowledge to be a successful food business owner
  • You will get lifetime access to all course material PLUS all future upgrades
  • You will fast track your food business success
Take A Look At The Course
What Students Say About The Course
Michelle Walsh | Founder of The Chili Project
What a fantastic course! It provides you with all the necessary information and tools to successfully launch your food product into the Australian market. The level of personalised support that comes with this course is phenomenal and I would highly recommend this course to anybody starting out in the industry, or even as a refresher for recently launched products.

This course is a unique concept and will definitely help lots of people launch their products with all the information readily available to support the process!
The Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business course is very helpful and extremely user friendly!
Jade Fraser | Founder of Tall, Dark, and Nutty
Very informative and easy to follow course. I found the course very helpful as a small business starting out
Sara | Founder of Chutney Hut
Each part was nice and succinct while being informative.
Michelle Farina | Founder of Noshing Naturally
I'm feeling so much more confident after talking with Megna. She was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to offer practical guidance on a few issues, as well as ask the right questions to help me find blind spots I didn't know I had. Her experience was incredibly valuable and she helped me to see the short and long term possibilities and challenges in my budding business. There's many things to consider starting a food business and it can be quite overwhelming but she covered them all with ease. Thank you Megna!
Amber | New Business Owner
You may be wondering...
Why do I need a food business course?

We designed this course because it is exactly what we wish we had when we were starting our own food business. We are qualified and experienced food technologists and food business owners and we KNOW exactly what lessons, tips and advice you need to make your food business successful and generate income. Think of this course as your partner and advisor on your food business journey. 

Can I afford it? 

Every business needs investment to grow and succeed. This course is an investment in your and your business's future. This course will pay for itself within no time when you get loads of new customers and increase your sales! A food business consultant can charge upwards of $200 per hour! This course packs years of experience and all the advice you will need into an easy to follow online format.

Is it right for my business?

Whether your business is still an idea or whether you are already making sales, this course will show you exactly what you need to do, how to do it and best of all, you can work at your own pace.

Here's the truth...

- Hundreds of food businesses fail every day!
- The food industry is Australia is in a state of change
- New food businesses are cropping up everyday
- It is harder and harder to be noticed in a crowded market
- Overseas imports are flooding our supermarket shelves
- Customers are picky and quick to switch

As a food business owner, you need to take action NOW to ensure that your venture is successful with the right partner to guide you
Here's exactly 
why you NEED this course:
We got you covered on the basics
  • 25 lessons covering everything a food business owner needs to succeed
  • Experienced food business coaches to help you every step of the way
  • Lessons designed by a food technologist with years of experience in the Australian food industry
  • Step by step action plans to achieve your goals
  • Templates and checklists to guide your business journey
  • Talk to the experts with just one click

  • Turn their food idea into a saleable product with our product formulation guide
  • Make sure they are on the right track with our business launch checklist
  • Explore new ways to generate even more income from their businesses
  • Identify their target customer and how to market their products effectively to them
  • Develop a branding and marketing strategy
  • Choose the right manufacturers and suppliers with our industry directory

We’ve been in your shoes and we know there’s a lot of information to absorb. The Everything You Need to Start Your Food Business Course has been created to allow you to learn at your own pace or as your lifestyle allows. Plus our commitment to jargon free plain English will make it seem easy.
This course has helped our clients to:
Learn enjoyably
Get The Level Of Support You Need
Personalized Support
Community Support
You can undertake the course at your own pace and you retain life-time access to course materials and all upgrades. We guarantee this course will become your go-to food business guide as you establish and grow your food business
Having someone to bounce an idea of can be useful. Having two someones with valuable experience in the food industry is even better. Whether it’s a 1:1 strategy session, email support or help with your business plan, get advice specific to your business
Join our Facebook community of food entrepreneurs and chat to people who share your passion – and your challenges. Plus get access to industry advice and additional resources
Enroll now for a special price of only $497
Next round commences 1st July 2018!
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to complete the course within a certain amount of time?
Our courses are completely self-paced so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as you want. The course has 25 lessons which are released one per day. We have found that many of our diligent learners finish the course in around four weeks. You will get lifetime access to the course so you can take as long as you need or revisit lessons at a later day.
How long can I access the course?
You will have lifetime access to the course, all content and all future updates. If for any reason we have to terminate the course offering, you’ll be given 6 months notice of the site closure.
How is the course run? 
The Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business Course runs for 3 weeks with a new lesson published every day. There are 5 modules and 25 lessons. Each module includes:
 - links to useful tools
 - downloadable worksheets
 - instructional video
 - checklists and templates. 
At the end of the course you will get a certificate of completion. You can also join the private Facebook group for course participants for additional support and guidance.
What format is the course content delivered in?
The course material is available on our website. You can access the content through videos, worksheets, templates and checklists. You will get your own login and password for our members’ area so you can access the course materials at any time.
Do you offer any refunds?
If you are not totally happy with any of our courses, you can request a refund (minus a AU$100 admin fee) within 14 days of your payment by emailing You must demonstrate that you have participated in the course by completing all included worksheets before requesting a cancellation of your membership and refund.
Can you guarantee that my food business will be super successful? 
As much as we want to, unfortunately, we can not give that guarantee. The content in this course will help you on your business journey but the success of your business depends on you.
Who runs the course? 
The course is run by us, Aarjit and Megna. We are experienced food business owners and food technologists. We understand what it is like to be a growing food business owner in Australia so we know exactly what information you need to succeed.
We put our 101% in creating this course and we are truly confident that through applying what you'll learn in this course, your food business will not be just up and running, but very profitable! 

However, if you are not totally happy with any of our courses, you can request a refund (minus a AU$100 admin fee) within 14 days of your payment by emailing 

You must demonstrate that you have participated in the course by completing all included worksheets before requesting a cancellation of your membership and refund.
Still Over The Fence? 
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A successful food business is within your reach. 
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